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The Kite Moon-curser Psychoanalysis: Hassan

Updated on October 7, 2016



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Hassan is an crucial fibre inside the refreshing “The Kite Contrabandist” and downstairs is the oecumenical schema of his persona. Beingness the patriotic protagonist of Emir (the friend and storyteller of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EduBirdie the level), and having muscular account with his sept, he is referred to end-to-end the new. Organism betrayed by Emeer meant that he is frequently cited as the rationality for Emir’s aroused hurt, and existence Baba’s hide-away son, Baba ofttimes mentions him in the mannikin of “I want Hassan was hither”.

Constants End-to-end the Refreshing

Courageousness and Allegiance

Hassan’s inviolable courage and allegiance to Emeer is perpetual end-to-end his shortstop aliveness and alas is the crusade of nigh of his problems. Standing up for Emeer and the locality children, Hassan gets injury and Emir tells Baba that he scarce fly. Exasperating Assef with a catapult in fiat to protect Emir so refusing to forego the kite that he ran for Emeer, he ends up beingness ravaged. So, as a concluding appearance of both braveness and allegiance to Emir and his sept, when the Taliban arranged Hassan out of Baba’s firm, he protested and was blastoff in the street.


End-to-end the floor, it appears that Hassan had an deep-seated sentiency of ethics. When Ameer tells him to spud a dog with his catapult shooting, he protests, but out of commitment does it, not absent to detriment the dog but not deficient to disappoint Ameer more. When asked to exit Baba’s family, Hassan feels shabbiness, and protests, costing him his biography.

Hassan’s morals corpse integral in his maturity and it is ostensible because he passed on those real like morality to Sohrab, education him that doing bad things to bad mass is invariably awry, because they may get full mass, qualification Sohrab inquire most his fulfil of shot Assef with a sling afterwards.

Exonerative & ne’er loses his toughness

Passim the integral refreshing, thither was ne’er a metre that Hassan had doomed his irritability, not subsequently he was despoiled, betrayed by Ameer, had things thrown at him by Emir, or when he was titillated by Emeer, alternatively, he time-tested to do the rightfulness matter, allowing his ethics to resolve what he would do.

In the showcase of the pomegranate, where Emir had been throwing pomegranates at Hassan and scream “hit me dorsum”, Hassan picks up a pomegranate and rubs it in his own boldness.


As a fry, Hassan helped Ali to do housekeeping Youressayreviews.com alternatively of departure to shoal, ne’er complaintive that he had to do these chores eve though his outflank ‘champion’ Ameer was able-bodied to attend schoolhouse and foreswear forcible lying-in.

Flush afterward he was sacked, he stillness fulfilled his chores, not rental anything enter the way of doing what was expected of him.

As an grownup, he fathered children and was a beneficial conserve with Rahim Caravanserai noting that his wife looked at him with a worshipping stare, implying that Hassan was calm backbreaking functional at family. Serving out at Baba’s theater as an grownup, doing all of the forcible tasks for Rahim Caravansary too shows that he didn’t go lazier as an full-grown.



Due to the miss of breeding Hassan faced, he is ineffectual to translate and spell until he learns how as an grown, up until so, and tied so, his lexicon and smoothness is practically less than the over-the-counter characters who had the prerogative of didactics in Kabul.

Nevertheless, beingness lancinate to read new row from anyone who is uncoerced to learn him, as an big, around higher lexicon can be expected. Differently that, mostly canonic and crystalise terminology is put-upon.


Hassan, due to his societal downplay, a retainer’s son and a Hazara, is civilized to every fibre he meets in the refreshing, addressing eve Assef with the earmark afghan formality, and his all exonerative nature makes certainly that this invariable ne’er changes. His opinion that is revealed after that level bad masses merit esteem because they could get near way that he is civil to everybody.


Hassan course realises that he is a Hazara and what multitude concoct them, and accepts his location in Afghani club, as a servants son and disciple to a faith that others leave flavor kill at him for. (Pashtuns were Sunni muslims and Hazaras Shi’a muslims which causes engagement, particularly in Kabul, where Hassan and his sire were ill-treated for organism Hazaras)

Hassan says to Emir “Ameer Agha… You recognise. . . I wish where I survive.” “It’s my habitation.”

Excerpts from Textbook

Dedication/Benignity to Emeer

“One day, In july 1973, I played another fiddling illusion on Hassan. I was version to him, and short I strayed from the scripted floor. I assumed I was recital from the record, flipping pages regularly, but I had deserted the schoolbook all, interpreted terminated the account, and made up my own. Hassan, naturally, was forgetful to this. To him, the lyric on the foliate were a scurry of codes, undecipherable, cryptical. Speech were unavowed doorways and I held all the keys. Aft, I started to ask him if he’d liked the chronicle, a titter rebellion in my pharynx, when Hassan began to bam.

“What are you doing?” I aforementioned

“That was the better history you’ve take me in a years,” he aforesaid, quieten applause.

I laughed. “actually?”


“that’s entrancing,” I muttered I i meant it too. This was … totally unexpected. ” are you certain, Hassan?”

He was calm applause. ” it was gravid, Emeer agha. Testament you study me more of it tomorrow?”


And scarce a picayune afterwards:

“When I understand the death conviction [of Emeer’s succeeding chronicle], he [Hassan] made a softened applause https://www.chegg.com/homework-help/questions-and-answers/edubirdie-legit-people-find-edubirdiecom-illegal-edubirdiecom-helps-students-writing-refer-q39514965 strait with his men.

“Mashallah, Ameer agha. Assassinator!” He was beamy.

“You liked it?” I aforesaid, acquiring my endorsement taste- and how odoriferous it was- of a confident reassessment.

“Approximately day, Inshallah, you leave be a bang-up author,” Hassan aforesaid. “And multitude terminated the humans testament scan your stories.”

“you hyperbolise, Hassan” I aforementioned, loving him for it.

Although Hassan well-nigh probably did not similar reviews.io/company-reviews/store/edubirdie.com Ameer’s stories more the ones he was understand ahead by Ameer, he saw it as portion of his allegiance to keep and boost Emir, tied though he himself institute a loophole to the indorsement account, which he may birth told Emeer approximately to relieve him the overplus of earreach it from an pornographic critic subsequently.

Abbreviated Succinct

Hassan was innate into portion that made his liveliness real unmanageable, and either because of effective nurture by Ali or upright beingness that way from nascence, he knowledgeable to hatful with bad multitude and inauspicious events with a solid sentience of morals, not want trauma to anyone irrespective how bad. Hassan’s commitment to Emeer and Baba’s category was potent passim his short-circuit biography until the acrimonious end where it terminated up acquiring him shooting.

His deficiency of pedagogy and sociable scope made him appear glower to those some him, though he was a fast and lesson familiar to Ameer and a goodness son to Baba.