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The following rates are available for guests that book directly with us. Websites like Booking.com, Hotel.com Safarinow.com, Roomsforafrica.com etc. are commission sites and we can not always guarantee the same rates for bookings made using these sites. These websites normally charge   15 – 18 % commission. Cancellation policy on our Reservation page.

Great Comfort Rooms

Double, twin and single rooms 1 March 2021 – 28 Feb 2023

Double/Twin room, (2 persons sharing) R1090.00 B&B.

R545.00 per person sharing, B&B. (R947.83 + 15% Vat R142.17 = R1090.00)

R790.00 B&B for 1 person per room. (Single room) (R686.96 + 15% Vat R103.04 = R790.00)

Standard rooms:

Double, twin and single rooms 1 March 2021 – 28 Feb 2023

Single room, (1 person per room) R680.00 B&B. (R591.30 + 15% Vat R88.70 = R680.00)

Double/Twin room, (2 persons sharing) R960.00 B&B. (R480.00 per person sharing, B&B) (R834.78 + 15% Vat R125.22 = R960.00)

Great Comfort Rooms

Double, Twin and Single rooms 1 March 2023  28 Feb 2024

Double/Twin rooms, (2 persons sharing) R1200.00 B&B

R600.00 per person sharing, B&B (R1043.48 +15% VAT R156.52 = R1200.00)

Single rooms. (1 Person per room) R920.00

R800.00 +15% VAT R120.00 = R920.00

Standard Rooms

Double, Twin and Single rooms 1 March 2023 – 28 Feb 2024

Double/Twin room, (2 persons sharing) 

Single rooms, (1 person per room)

Terms and conditions

1. Availability of these rooms may change on a daily basis.

2. Limited amount of rooms at these rates.

3. Three nights minimum stay.

4. Only direct bookings with KU DE TA B&B qualify for this rate, no 3rd party commission websites or agents.

3 Course Dinner on request:

R190.00 per person, including 1 soft drink.

Please book a day in advance.

Please enquire about our cancellation policy.

Minimum stays for all rooms applies over holiday season and long weekends.

Prices may increase without prior notice. All rates include 15% VAT and applicable taxes.

Enquire about our discounts for longer stays.

We accept the following Credit Cards: Visa, Master and American Express. Unfortunately we cannot accept debit cards that require a pin number, as we work on a manual system.

We also accept GEO payments if you have your banking App installed on your smartphone.

All Expedia users, (Hotels.com, Travelosity, etc.) please take note:

Dear Guest. Expedia refuses to send all establishments any of your contact details that you have entered when you made the reservation. Should there be a change or problem with your reservation, we are unfortunately not able to contact you, therefore we can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise. Please take this up with Expedia themselves as they do not respond to our emails.



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